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Sunday, October 18, 2015

COOL | Billionaire uses own wealth to help fund innovative solutions to the world's biggest problems

A lot of huge problems dot big portions of the world from poverty to food, water and electricity shortages, to health issues and environmental challenges. And the least fortunate ones are the most helpless and most affected. 

Truth is, a lot of inventions are available to address these problems; however, these don't just sound worthy investing in for some of the world's biggest tycoons and corporations. To date, the top 1% of the world's population now own 50% of wealth. If a lot of those on the top of the social hierarchy would chip in to solve these problems, then a lot of hope will sprout on Earth. 

Fortunately, someone's stepping up. Someone from the world's Richest Circle is using his own money to create solutions that will change the lives of billions of people. Who is this billionaire-philantropist spearheading this project? What are these cool solutions he is supporting? Watch this amazing documentary and be inspired!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Billionaire in Change

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