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Friday, November 6, 2015

INSPIRE | Social experiment reveals honest and opportunistic people as man pretends to be blind and asks for change

What would you do if you were approached by a blind man who is asking if you could help him out with change for a five dollar bill (or let's say 50 Php) but he got to hand you a fifty dollar note (or in the Philippine scenario, 500 Php)? Would you be honest and tell the blind man that he was giving you the wrong bill? Or would you just make the blind man believe that you've got the right note, run away, and in the process, exchange your integrity for cash?

Watch the social experiment below by Aussie Adrian Gee who pretended as a blind man and in the process exposed how we, as susceptible beings, can differently (and surprisingly) react when faced with situations that enable us to seize available opportunities, in this case, monetary rewards.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Adrian Gee

Whose side will you be on? Would you be one of the few honest persons shown below? Or would you be one of those who took advantage of the blind man's condition?

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