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Friday, January 1, 2016

COOL | 9 best study tips for everyone

I recently saw this video by Youtube channel AsapScience which gives you tips on how to study, scientifically proven by researches. If you are experiencing difficulty in studying, these tips might be of help to you. The video entitled 9 Best Scientific Study Tips details how you can best learn and enjoy studying.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel AsapScience

In case you want to know the summary of the video, here are the 9 study tips that can help you effectively study and ace your exam.

1. Study sessions are most effective in small short chunks. Spread out the whole accumulated period of your study sessions into shorter 20-to-30-minute sessions.

Reason: Brain can better encode information into the synapses in short, repeated sessions vs. one mega study session.

2. Forget the cramming practice and all-nighters. It leads to getting low grades and may negatively affect your memory and reasoning for up to four (4) whole days.

3. Plan out a specific period dedicated only to studying, may it be a certain afternoon hour per day or per week. 

Reason: It primes the brain by setting a routine which your brain will get used doing.

4. Rereading your notes or highlighting them is ineffective. It doesn’t improve your comprehension of the topics, nor does it tie concepts together. Instead, use flashcards. They’re proven excellent reinforcement tools. Check out Brainscape.com for its excellent flashcard platform.

5. Have a specific goal for each study session. Would you like to focus on practicing how to solve the math problem in one session? Or would you like to focus on understanding the basics first? If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.

6. Every time you study, put in your mind that you’re expected to teach it to somebody else. It’s more effective versus simply thinking it's all part of a test. When you’re expected to teach, your brain organizes the knowledge that you get into a more logical, coherent structure.

7. Practice makes perfect! Always keep practicing! Practicing increases your confidence, thereby leading to a better performance.

8. Find your own study spot and equip it with all the study tools that you need. Just like setting specific study periods, this primes your brain for studying. Leave the playlist, especially when it’s filled with lots of popular songs. The rhythmic music produced distracts you. 

9. Keep your phone out of reach and out of sight! Whatever happens to your phone significantly lowers your concentration.


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