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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

TRAVEL | Cebu Pacific Seat Sale this February 2020! Book Your Flights Now!

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale is ongoing for the month of February 2020!

Booking Period: February 24 to 26, 2020
Travel Period: April 1 to June 30, 2020

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Monday, February 24, 2020

MED | PLE Pharmacology Review - Antiarrhythmic Heart Drugs Mnemonics

Now, let's talk about the anti-arrhythmic heart drugs which might appear as one of the choices in the Physician Licensure Exam (PLE). I will be making this post as short as I can so as to supplement what you have learned in your review with what I can recall during my review.

Take note that this post does not serve to act as your sole source of review information. I might be wrong with some of what I'm saying here, so if you think I have committed mistake, please let me know via the comments section below. There's just so much to learn with so little time.

Antiarrhythmic drugs can be divided into four (4) classes depending on the channel that is being affected:

Singh-Vaughan Williams Classification

Class 1: Sodium (Na) channel blockers
Class 2: Beta blockers
Class 3: Potassium channel blockers
Class 4: Calcium channel blockers

For some mnemonics about the Singh-Vaughan Williams Classification:

I hope it wasn't too much of a headache to try to memorize the mnemonic NaBePoCa.

Remember that arrhythmia could either be due to abnormal automaticity where areas other than the natural pacemaker (SA node) take over in dictate the heart rate or due to abnormal conduction through erratic impulses.

Here are the mnemonics for the different classes of anti-arrhythmic drugs.

Class 1 Antiarrhythmics drugs

Since they're all anti-arrhythmic drugs, we should be reminded that the amount and administration of these if left unchecked can also cause arrhythmias. Notable differentiating side effects of Class 1 anti-arrhythmic drugs are as follows:

Side effects of Class 1A antiarrhythmic drugs:
  • Quinidine- - cinchonism (tinnitus, headache, vertigo)
  • Procainamide - lupus-like syndrome
  • Disopyramide - antimuscarinic effects (decreased salivation and gastric secretions)

Side effects of Class 1B antiarrhythmic drugs: agranulocytosis (Tocainide), CNS stimulation, CVS depression
  • MUST-KNOW: Lidocaine is used in digitalis-induced arrhythmias

Side effects of Class 1C antiarrhythmic drugs: increased arrhythmias, CNS stimulation
  • MUST-KNOW: Flecainide is contraindicated in post-MI settings

Class 2 Antiarrhythmics drugs

Notable side effects of Class 2 anti-arrhythmic drugs are as follows: cardiac depresssion, bronchospasm, AV block

  • MUST-KNOW: Esmolol can be used for SVT and acute perioperative and thyrotoxic arrhythmias

Class 3 Antiarrhythmics drugs

Notable side effects of Class 3 anti-arrhythmic drugs are as follows: 
  • Sotalol and Dofetilide - Torsade de pointes 
  • Amiodarone - as mentioned above (note: of all anti-arrhythmic drugs, Amiodarone is the most efficacious0

Class 4 Antiarrhythmics drugs

Side effects of Class 4 antiarrhythmic drugs include: pretibial edema, flushing, constipation, gingival hyperplasia, cardiac depression

Non-DHPs like Diltiazem and Verapamil are useful in SVT migraines too.

Note: Dihydropyridine CCbs are not used as anti-arrhythmic drugs because these facilitate compensatory sympathetic discharges, not terminate.

I hope I was able to help you with this topic, kahit kaunti. I apologize if this isn't too deep a dive for your review. Good luck on your PLE!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

TRAVEL | Philippine Airlines (PAL) Fly & Shop Local Seat Sale

Truly shopping is more fun in the Philippines! Based on the Department of Tourism's Visitor Sample Survey in 2018, shopping is the most common tourist activity in the country at 38 percent.

Hence, the 2020 Philippine Shopping Festival was created! To join you in celebrating festival, Philippine Airlines brings you PAL's Fly & Shop Local Seat Sale. 

Fly with Philippine Airlines and enjoy low fares to domestic destinations!

Sale Period: February 21 to February 29, 2020.
Travel Period: February 24 to December 10, 2020.

To know more about the local seat sale promo, visit this page.

FOOD | Bonchon Kids Eat for FREE Promo until March 31

Spend some quality time with your kids and loved ones at Bonchon! 

Six days ago, Bonchon has come up with an exciting deal, the Bonchon's Kids Eat for FREE Promo!  Ongoing since February 17 and is set to end on March 31, 2020, the promo allows your kid to get a 1-piece Bonchon K-Style chicken for FREE for a minimum purchase of just Php 399.

Promo Mechanics:

1. Promo is applicable to kids 3-12 years old with a minimum purchase of Php 399. 
Note: Php 399 minimum purchase is NOT applicable to Team Bonchon group meals 

2. Child should be present at the time of purchase. 

3. One (1) FREE Kiddie Meal per transaction – 1-piece Kstyle Chicken with rice ala carte 

4. Valid for DINE-IN transactions ONLY. 

5. Promo is not valid in conjunction with any other ongoing promos and discounts.

FOOD | Little Caesars Pizza Anniversary Promo

As we celebrate Little Caesars Pizza's anniversary, the home of one of the yummiest pizzas in town is inviting everyone to check out this great promo! 

Order any large 12" pizza + 16 oz beverage and get a FREE large 12" cheese pizza! This promo will run until March 1, 2020 only.

Promo Mechanics:
  • Buy ONE (1) of any 12" large pizza + a 16 oz drink, get ONE (1) FREE 12" large cheese pizza.
  • Promo is valid until March 1, 2020 during operating hours only.
  • Valid for Dine In, Take Out, Pick Up and Delivery transactions only. Delivery via hotline at (02)7971-3069, GrabFood or FoodPanda only.
  • Maximum of THREE (3) orders of pizza per transaction.
  • Valid only at Little Caesars UN Avenue cor. Alhambra Street, Ermita, Manila.
  • In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided under Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010, whichever is higher.”
  • Not valid with other promotions, offers, vouchers or discounts.

EVENTS | Aurora 2020: Food and Music Festival, Hot Air Balloon Display, and Night Glow

Hey guys! 

Another hot air balloon festival is set to bring happiness to those who'll attend it.

Aurora 2020: Food and Music Festival, Hot Air Balloon Display, and Night Glow will take place on March 13 to 14 in Clark Global City, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. There will be food fests, car shows, nights of music, and a hot air ballon display!

Tickets are priced at Php 350 (Gen Ad) | 750 (VIP). Kids 4 feet below enter for free. Visit https://smtickets.com/events/view/8890 for more details.

Here is a rundown of the Aurora 2020 gigs and events you should look forward to!

MARCH 13 (Friday)


2:00pm – GATES OPEN
2:00pm – 12:00mn – Food Festival and Bazaar
2:00pm – 7:00pm – HOT AIR BALLOON DISPLAY
Gigs and Artists

5:00pm – Happy Three Friends
6:00pm – Malebox
6:45pm – Pot Sembrano
7:30pm – IV Of Spades
8:30pm – Balloon Night Glow
9:30pm – Ben & Ben
10:30pm – December Avenue
11:30pm- Chocolate Factory
1:30am – DJ Melvin Lapera / MC Killah

MARCH 14 (Saturday)


2:00pm – GATES OPEN
2:00pm – 12:00mn – Food Festival and Bazaar
2:00pm – 7:00pm – HOT AIR BALLOON DISPLAY

Gigs and Artists

5:00pm – Pot Sembrano
6:00pm – Kiyo
6:45pm – Al James
7:30pm – Allmost
8:30pm – Balloon Night Glow
9:30PM – Ronnie Alonte
10:30pm – Michael Pangilinan
11:30pm – Unique Salonga
12:30am – DJ Jhelou/ MC Dio
1:30am – DJ Sherwyn Diwa/ MC Dio

FOOD | Unli Pizza , Unli Wings at Yellow Cab Unli Madness Promo on February 28!

Unli Pizza at Yellow Cab this February 2020

WHEN: February 28 2020
WHERE: Yellow Cab Stores
PRICE: Php 399

Attention pizza lovers!

February has gone by so quickly and Yellow Cab is ready to cap it off on a high! On February 28, get ready to have your bellies filled and your hands full as your favorite New York-style pizza joint is offering an unbeatable promo that is definitely #SoWorthIt.

Turn up your appetite as you take delight in unlimited servings of pizzas and wings with the Unli Madness promo! For one day only, you do you and have your fill of unlimited pizzas paired with unlimited servings of juicy and savory wings, making it the perfect feast for hungry diners. Yum talaga! And that's for Php 399 only!

Have your pick of three mouthwatering, edge-to-edge pizza toppings: iconic New York Classic, local favorite Hawaiian, or flavorful #4 Cheese; and your choice of the original Hot Chix or lip-smacking Sweet Soy wing flavors, as you enjoy a crazy good dining experience unlike any other.

This exciting promo is valid only for dine-in transactions at participating stores, during store business hours. You’ll be given only two hours to eat so you better come hungry!

Let your appetite fly and go cray over pizza and wings! Don’t miss this one-day offer and head to your nearest Yellow Cab store. To check out the participating stores, visit https://www.facebook.com/YellowCabPizzaOfficial/.