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Monday, October 19, 2015

INSPIRING | Filipino kid raises funds for school toilet by making toys out of recyclables

Every day, there are millions of interesting life stories from which one can take great insights. This is definitely one of them.

Image Courtesy: Jeru Cajapin, Indigenous PH
For the first of so many inspiring stories that will be featured here, Manila LifeBox shares with you the story of Jupel, a native Mangyan who had to reach Casillon Elementary School in Baco, Oriental Mindoro on barefoot for around 20 minutes. His state, however, did not stop him from going to school.

Image Courtesy: Jeru Cajapin, Indigenous PH

Not only is he someone to look up to for the perseverance and determination he possesses, he has made one special thing that made him commendable---crafting toys. He made use of recyclable materials like used tires and slippers to come up with toy vehicles. He'd cut the rubber using an "itak" and use sticks to attach the rubbers to one another. He makes vehicles out of his dream to ride one, considering the fact that Jupel burns most of his energy and time walking to his school.

Image Courtesy: Jeru Cajapin, Indigenous PH
His artistic talent in creating such works even earned him recognition by people from Top Gear Philippines. Look at how far this kid could go if only he'd be granted formal art training. But what are the toys for? Actually, he builds these toys to raise funds for his school's comfort room. Such a big-hearted child we have right here!

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