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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

INSPIRING | Man finds a wallet, shops in the mall, and...

What would you do if while walking in the street, you find a wallet containing some cash and cards? Would you look for the owner and return it or make use of the money for certain use?

The morally acceptable and right answer is to return the wallet to the owner because, of course, it isn't theirs so what's not theirs should be given back to the rightful owner; however, for some people the "finders, keepers" rule still applies. They would defend by saying that it wasn't stealing after all. What if the owner is nowhere to be found? What if there is no ID in it?

Watch the video below as one man attempts to see how certain people would react when he intentionally drops his own wallet.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user DennisCee

Clearly, for the owner who made this experimented, he wanted to know what would happen when he does that. To his surprise, the owner saw one finder who kept the wallet, went inside a shopping mall, and bought some stuff. How would you feel if you were the owner who finds out that what's yours wasn't returned back to you quickly? Would you judge the finder?

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