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Thursday, October 22, 2015

TECH | Super cool futuristic inventions you'd love to have

These days so many amazing stuff are flocking the market in great numbers! From extra smart gadgets to innovations of traditional existing things, there's just too much excitement for what's in store for all of us in the next decade. Our potential as advanced thinking, creative creatures just keeps on growing and expanding beyond what our brains can comprehend.

In this post, Manila LifeBox takes you into The Future Is Now's presentation of really cool futuristic inventions to watch out for. 

What if you can buy a stable, tethered quadcoptet that will record an aerial footage of your adventures or perhaps special occasions like weddings? It's a bye bye to hassle selfie shots and a hello to convenient user-adjusted third-party shots using Fotokite Phi!

What if you decide to fabricate own artistic designs? The Simo Mini printing pen allows you not to only 3D-print, but also to solder, cut, and burn material at your own pace! It allows you to just create anything out of your imaginative minds!

There's also FABtotum PRISM, an advanced 3D printer which allows you to do more than just 3D-print with accuracy, but also allows you to cut, scan, and mill. As soon as the cost of production of these printers go down, local plastic manufacturers will definitely have problems competing and catching up with owners of these printers!

What about owning a smart bike that allows you to navigate the quickest, safest route, and that warns you about anything when you make a turn? But not only that, Smart Halo tracks your calories burned, average speed, distance traveled, time it took to finish certain routes, and as well as elevation. How cool is that!

One of the best innovations I've seen is for the usual day-to-day backpack. The iBackPack is ultra smart in that it allows you to be the life of the party by having cool integrated speakers, USB ports, fast wifi router, GPS navigator, retractable USB cords, and a built-in battery! 

Check out the video for the actual devices!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel The Future Is Now

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