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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

VIEW | 5 unusual things that you will usually find in Tinder

So I joined this friendship-dating-and-sexcapade app called Tinder just _____ weeks ago and here are a few of the things that you somehow see or realize in life, but you will find more or get haunted further as you dive into this alternative world of matchmaking. (Note: This will be a speedily written post as I have a lot of stuff to accomplish for the day that's enlisted in my to-do list. This was done in about 30 minutes so I apologize for any grammatical errors po.)


1. Boobs
One can consistently see a lot of these when watching pron or going to the beach, but I have never seen a lot of these bumming around in Tinder. Like seriously, girls (I'm not generalizing, but if you go put up your own profile and search for women), you will see at least one (pair hehe or one and a half) in every 8 profile that you come across. It's okay to be a bit seductive  (if that's what you intend to do), but don't make it up to a point that your assets occupy a big third or fourth of the space. It's pretty hilarious.

What's a bit alarming is that a few of these showy girls have these "no hookups" description in their profiles. Interesting.

2. Lots of makeup.
You will definitely see a lot of girls wearing heavy cosmetics in their main display photo. I mean it's not bad to put on something to make you look more attractive, but if you will, guys like me tend to swipe to the left when I immediately see someone's face bombarded with too much facial enhancements. In my opinion, girls who have nothing (or at least less) to hide just let themselves be seen as they are when they're asleep. Be who you are regardless of what you're made of.

Well, I can't blame some of you (girls) for doing so, but sometimes too much of something does more harm than good--in this case, how we (at least  I) perceive you. And sometimes, it somewhat appears like there's this hint of desperation to find a match that comes to mind when viewing such profiles. I guess if that's what you are, I can't stop you from doing that but for me, face sans makeup, I'd like to meet someone not for her imperfections, but for the way she compensates for whatever imperfection she has. I too get a bit fixated when I see a pretty girl with her makeup on, but it intrigues me more to see how she looks like when I wake up beside her in bed.

3. Travel buddies.
Siguro, around one in every 6 girls and/or gays (yep, you'd see them as well even if you only chose women as your match preference) look for a travel buddy and some of them place their escapade photos from the peaks of  Pico de Loro to the seascapes of Boracay up to the extravagant trips in Hongkong. I guess women just love to travel a lot  (meaning, high maintenance haha! kidding aside!).

4. Faces that are...
Well, it's pretty normal to see faces in people-connecting-people (social) platforms, but what I'm talking about here are the intensely surprising ones like selfies that are so close, it's like she wanted me to see every detail of her because there's no space left for me to set my sight on the background or simply because there's no background at all because she entirely bombed the photo haha. Or what about angelic (chinita) faces which make me wonder, isn't she supposed to be taken? Is she playing/fooling around? Or is she just a poser (you know, Tinder requires you to login on Facebook which has a lot of poser accounts)?

On the other side of the spectrum, you'd see faces no more because really, it's covered by the bangs or the angling of the photo was made in such a way that only half of the face is seen (hilarious!). There are also other users who display no faces because they're faced away from us with their backs and their body contours the only things that's left for me to check. It's like they wanted me to judge if they're interesting by their slenderness or body type. Or what about faces that are partly hidden by digital images like a kiss-print (don't know if such a word exists haha) or some emoticons? Haha.

5. No disappointments indeed.
You will still end up having a match (on a high standard) even if the photo that you added is the sole photo that you have and that is either blurred or that was shot when you were still an uglier prince (now, ugly na lang haha). Even when you just put a six-word sentence and describe yourself using your age and a few other things, you will still find a match. :)

As for me, I have decided to spare myself from this craze for a while and switched to spotting while jogging haha. Hopefully, I'll come back later to find more unusual things that you will usually find in Tinder. I guess that's it for now. My 30 minutes is almost over. Again, I have no intention of judging anyone; my purpose for writing this post is to let non-Tinder users out there know what to look forward to. Thanks for reading!

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