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Saturday, November 28, 2015

LIST | 10 worst inventions made in history

Most inventions created by mankind really serve their purpose well. From cars that enabled us to traverse distances to planes that brought us closer to our loved ones within just a few hours, inventors crafted these things to provide convenience and save time in our limited lifespan.

But sadly, there are just those stuff which failed to improve the lives of humans or those which caused misery to so many lives. This post lists down 10 of the worst inventions made in history. 

1. Shiri

Screenshot: Youtube channel Nobuhiro Takahashi

A Japanese mechanical butt made from silicone, Shiri responds to human touch. It will tense up in fear when hit or slammed and will shiver (in pleasure) when stroked. The way it works is that its internal microphones detect and recognized the sound produced when a human's hand touches it, thereby allowing the RoButt to respond to. It's great that a RoButt can now express feelings by deploying artificial "muscle" motion. The underlying question, however, is who would want to buy that? 

2. High 5 Simulator

Source: imgur user justsomeotherguy

Found yourself triumphant over a GSW bet with no other than yourself? Here's for all loners out there who'd like to feel that victorious high five! The High 5 Simulator was invented in the 90s to enable anyone to celebrate a landmark moment alone. This spring-loaded arm simulates the effect of a high five with a fake hand on-call each time you'd need it. Surprisingly, an iPad app version was launched five years ago.

3. Vibrating Ab Belt

Video Source: BeautykoInformercial's channel

Due to capitalism's pressure to make the most out of every employee, people have come to adapt the sedentary lifestyle, working through eight-hour shifts sitting in front of the computer and going home only to relax, tune in on the latest news updates, and sleep. Deemed to be a cost-effective way of staying fit (well, kind of) versus the more cost-heftier gym workouts, the vibrating ab belt was developed to tone the core areas by sending electric charges to the target muscles for contraction. 

The dangerous thing with the belt is that it could destabilize the circuitry of the heart, thereby endangering it. While some may say that these belts really work, others simply recommend doing regular push-ups or sit-ups. That would be more effective and cheap!

4. Golf Putting Bra

Video Source: Youtube channel Diagonal View

Are you a woman who loves to play golf? A Japanese company with all its pure intentions made a bra that can act as a mini putting ground. The golf putting bra also featured extra pockets for golf balls and tees and had a programmed speaker that congratulates the player with "Nice shot!" Well, the company might have forgotten that bras are a need, and not just a sports accessory. Unless shy girls play privately or loud girls go on half-naked, then this thing's just pretty much useless.

5. Parachute Jacket

Image Source: Wikimedia

Designed in 1912 by French inventor and parachuting pioneer Franz Reichelt, the parachute jacket made buzz at that time when Reichelt wore one to test it by jumping from the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, it failed to deploy. He died. What a waste of life.

6. Auto-Tune

Screenshot: Youtube channel rebecca

This audio editing technology has somehow ruined the lives of wannabe singers like Rebecca Black who yearned to become as successful as the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, or Boyce Avenue, but ended up being criticized for doing so. 

To date, Rebecca Black's song "Friday" is one of the most popular auto-tuned songs gathering at least 86 million views and 1,76 million dislikes. It should be noted though that Rebecca Black can sing! Check out her voice in her rendition of Lorde's  "Royals".

7. Comfort Wipe

Image Source: Miles Kimball

Some people can't stand the idea of wiping off poo-poo in their butt using their own hands (for water or tissue). That's why the Comfort Wipe, a plastic extension of your arm, was invented. What you'll do is that you'll just grasp the normal handle and you'll insert a tissue at the other end so that you can easily smash/glide it on your butt. Once finished wiping, pressing a button will release the already-used tissue paper unto the bowl. 

The Comfort Wipe failed to make it to market, but a version for obese and/or physically challenged individuals can be bought online. It's not that worse after all.

8. Baby Cage

Video Source: Youtube channel British Pathe

In the 1930s, London nannies who had not enough living space for their infants and toddlers decided to use the suspended baby cage. It did solve the problem with space and gave their young ones enough air and sunlight exposure that they need, but essentially, the baby cage put these lives to risk as they were hanged outside windows, not to add the fact that it felt inhumane to place a child outside like you're drying your laundry.

9. Pet Rock

Video Source: Youtube channel British Pathe

Inventor Gary Dahl realized that one can market a rock for some pretty Christmas gift items! The Pet Rock became popular, Gary earned $15 million in its first six months of hitting the shelves. The rock, as a gift, was placed in a carry case (box) with air holes on it and some straw inside it. Costing $4 (or 180 Php) each, each package came with a manual on how to care and feed the rock. Around 1.5 million people forgot the fact that the rocks are ubiquitous. They're found everywhere! Why not get your own rock and pet it?

10. Agent Orange

Image Source: Prezi user Ben Thorn

According to the History website, Agent Orange is a "powerful mixture of chemical defoliants used by U.S. military forces during the Vietnam War to eliminate forest cover for North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops, as well as crops that might be used to feed them."

In 1961-1972, more than 19 million gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed over 4.5 million acres of land in Vietnam and caused tumors, birth defects, rashes, psychological symptoms and cancer to the affected people of Vietnam and returning US servicemen.

This herbicide mix made by man is definitely one of the world's worst inventions to date as no one benefited from it.

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