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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TIPS | What happens when you withdraw Paypal cash to BPI with the wrong account number (used card number instead)? Here is what you should do.

So, I made a withdrawal transaction from Paypal to my local bank account, Bank of the Philippine Islands through the following processes listed below and Paypal said that the transaction is now completed.

  1. Log-in to your Paypal account > Profile > Add/Edit Bank Account.
  2. Enter the Bank Name (in my case, Bank of the Philippine Islands).
  3. Input the Bank Code (for BPI, it's 010040018).
  4. Then, go to My Account > Withdraw > Withdraw Funds to Your Account
  5. You will then enter the amount you wish to withdraw (if you have amounts in different currencies, you'd be asked to choose only one of them per transaction).
  6. Then, pick which bank account you'd like the money to go to and then you're done. A reference number will be provided, and you will be given an option to return to your Paypal main area.

Now, All you need to do is wait for 2-4 business days for the transaction to be "Completed". 

And then, the waiting began. But, there's one problem. At the time I opened my account, I mistook the card number for the account number. The reason I entered the card number for my Paypal account is because its interface stated (1-16 digits) which is the number of digits of my card number. My account number is only 10 digits! And I was naive at that time and forgot to correct it.

What made me panic more was that the Paypal transaction has already been completed. I thought about the things that I  should do because in that moment, I was thinking the money won't be returned.

Now, the problem's solved! The solution to this is do not panic. I realized it was going to be returned, and indeed, it was! It took a few more days to be returned, with no deduction from Paypal since I inputted the legit BPI bank details, just not the right one (account number). The money will arrive though with a deduction of 150 Php from BPI, regardless if you made a mistake or not.

So, that's it. Don't panic. It will be returned minus a fee of 150 Php. :)

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