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Friday, December 11, 2015

INSPIRE | This short Filipino clip will move you to tears.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel ChiqChat

Behind every gift that you receive in life from a loved one, there is a story - of hard work, of pain, of humility, of sacrifice, of laughter, of fulfillment.

Sometimes we take for granted the people who cherish us, who give us all we want, who nurtures us to bring out the best in us. This Christmas month, siguro a short "I love you" will ease all those aches and sufferings, and a simple smile will let them know how happy you are for having them.

Whatever economic state you are in right now, be it in a wealthy, well-off background or in a sea of debt and financial  instability, take the opportunity to thank those who make you feel that you matter. Thank them for changing you.

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