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Sunday, December 13, 2015

LIST | 5 reasons why you should start prepping

What would it take for you to realize that anytime of the day, you might end up gasping for your last breath? There are just so many reasons to let anyone make that move – start prepping. And in this post, I will try to convince you and push you to do it now.

And what I mean by "it" here are equally significant things like confiding your feelings to a beloved one, reaching for your goals, ending the laziness, moving mountains, etc. You know what i mean. There are just lots of things going on right now that sometimes we fail to realize how important it is to give out our best in every day of our lives. Here are five (5) of the most compelling reasons to enable you to JUST DO IT. Make the most out of your day. Start prepping for anything.

Reason #1: Cyberwarfare and Terrorism

Explosion in Kobani
Image Courtesy: Getty Images

The spread of terrorism across the globe, add to that the fact that the presence of ISIS, other Islamic and non-Islamic radicals, and violent people, is evident nowadays. You may have seen the recent terror attacks in France (Paris), Lebanon, Mali, Nigeria, among others. Some people are now becoming more and more determined to take away innocent lives for passion and dedication.

And if it’s not the loss of lives, it is financial trouble as sophisticated fraudulent black hats can easily steal anything vital to your identity and make you bankrupt.

Reason #2: Economic Uncertainty

Image Courtesy: ShutterStock | CNN

Speaking about bankruptcy, even big business entities become attacked. But all these is because some white hats are fighting these greedy corporations owned by the top 1% to play robin hood for the 99%. Other sinister hackers just love to bring trouble to governments as well who hide their dirty laundry in their closets. Unless money is given less priority, everyone will benefit greatly without marginalizing others who then aspire for change and try to destabilize societies.

Reason #3: Severe Natural Disasters

Video Courtesy: Joseph Friedman

You’ve seen typhoon Haiyan, hurricane Katrina, and the destructive earthquakes of Nepal. You’ve heard of severe droughts in California and the killer flashfloods in south Asia. You’ve watched footages of large forest fires in Indonesia whose haze brought inconvenience to neighboring countries. You’re just about to see more in the future. Doesn’t this worry you?

Reason #4: Epidemics and Health Concerns

Image Courtesy: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Ebola epidemic in Africa, the influenza and bird flu attacks, and revelations of growing resistance against super effective antibiotics are quite something to ponder on. You just need to think that bacteria and viruses evolve through time.

Reason #5: Society Breakdown and Change

Image Courtesy: NJPsychDoc Wordpress | Boundaries of the Soul

And with all these things happening, unless you’re prepared enough, you are saved from the stresses that lead people to panic and make wrong decisions which thereby lead to chaos and societal breakdown. Someone once said that change is the only permanent thing in the world. If you keep it in mind, you are always given the option to adjust or get left behind.

Despite all the necessary actions done by world governments, it’s inevitable that unexpected and unpleasant events will happen. There’s nothing wrong with preparing for something that might or might not come. Take a look at it. It’s better than ending up helpless when the worst of chances hit back on you. If there is one thing we can all learn from billions of leaflets, scratches, and pages of human history, it’s that violence continues to be a significant part of the balance in the world.

It helps to be a bit anxious sometimes or at least to consider all future possibilities. The governments are exerting a lot. Now, it’s your turn. Prep up! Or at least, be aware of what's happening around you. And always hope for the better. Be positive, yet be vigilant.

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