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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MUSIC | 10 reasons why you should watch the Boyce Avenue’s concert in the Philippines

Heads up everyone!

International acoustic boyband and Youtube sensation Boyce Avenue is back in the Philippines to perform a five-day Philippine tour on February 2016! To be produced by the Ovation Productions, the trio’s concert will be joined by fellow artist Savannah Outen in Araneta Coliseum on February 16. The Manzano brothers (uhm, I don't think they are related to Luis haha), who became popular for uploading amazing covers of hit songs, will then be moving forward with the next leg of their Philippine tour outside Metro Manila, specifically in the following venues: Waterfront Hotel, Cebu on February 18, Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro on February 19, St. La Salle Coliseum in Bacolod on February 20, and University of Baguio on February 22.

While you’re still deciding whether or not you should buy Boyce Avenue tickets or treat your lover/loved ones to a great night of relaxing, soulful music, allow me to give you enough reasons why you should watch Boyce Avenue’s concert in the country.

1. It’s THE Boyce Avenue!

Come on! They are THE THREE AND ONLY Boyce Avenue! They are very much loved by fans all over the world with more than 5 millions subscribers to their Youtube channel. If you’re one big fan of BA, you'd definitely not pass this time. ;)

2. It’s a rare moment that artists are willing to come much closer to you, rather than you going to them!

Last Valentines’ Day, they came, they saw, they conquered.

Here’s the thing. They would not just come to the Philippines to serve Metro Manila residents. They’re reaching out to other fans who are located far from Manila. They value you! Don’t let this opportunity just fly by! If you're just living near the venue, mark your calendars already!

3. Boyce Avenue concert tickets are a lot less pricier than other foreign acts.

The prices of tickets for the Araneta Coliseum concert range from 792 Php to 5280 Php. It’s not that bad at all, compared to Ariana Grande’s (2,099 Php minimum, 15,999 Php max), Katy Perry’s, and Taylor Swift’s concert.

4. You’ll hear beautiful cover songs and renditions.

Well, this is already expected. And if you’d like to reminisce those A Thousand Years, Lay Me Down, or Here Without You moments, then hesitate no more. The Boyce will back you up!

5. You got three awesome brothers serenading right in front of you. What more can you expect?

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@danielmanzano) on

It’s not just one, but three! The brothers, Daniel, Fabian and Alejandro will let you fall head over heels in the concert and get caught by the love bug for days.

6. And there’s just No Limits!

It is definitely hoped they’d sing their originals from the No Limits EP, one of which is my favorite - 
One Life!

7. They might just talk to themselves about the PH concert through their @BoyAvenue handle!

The Boyce just love to hilariously talk to themselves in Twitter, and I sure know that you know that! What will they say about Pinoy fans once their concert tour is done? Let’s see!

8. Watch out for Alejandro’s Grumpy Cat look!

You’d definitely love to get the chance to observe Alejandro make that grumpy cat look he does in social media, as you ask for a personal autograph.

9. Them Boyce might just love you back multiple times.

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@boyceavenue) on

Who wouldn’t love to hear them say “Mahal ko kayo!” at the concert, right? Mind you, just hearing them say “Yes” to you request for a photo will make your heart melt. Prepare your hearts, girls!

10. You can’t wait to jam with them! And they can’t wait to jam with you!

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@danielmanzano) on

You can’t just wait for a night full of extra-awesome covers! It’s one mega escape from the stresses of reality when you immerse in the Boyce Avenue!

BONUS: It’s going to be one memorable event!

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@boyceavenue) on

If there is one thing that would really convince you, it’s this! Their comeback to the Philippines means they’ve shared great memories here. And the brothers would definitely love to make more with you guys! So, get this chance of a lifetime to relive the days of live music! And enjoy the sound trip!

Images and Videos Courtesy: Youtube channel Boyce Avenue, Instagram @boyceavenue, @danielmanzano, @alejandromanzano

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