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Sunday, December 18, 2016

VIEW | My blog posts are not indexed/crawled by Google bots. What should I do?

I noticed that my blog posts here in Manila LifeBox do not show up in search results. And this is probably because Google bots have failed to find (crawl) my articles and index these in their search results. Or is it?

Image Courtesy: Blogger.com
Maybe it is because I rarely post articles here, but usually it only takes one day for my post to be found in the search results. Some bloggers, in addition to my experience, have actually recently found out about such problems. I looked for possible solutions so that I could address this blog crawling and indexing issue.

The Solution

Although this may not be the actual solution, I decided to try generating my XML sitemap and placing it in my Blogger's settings. The XML sitemap will enable search engines to better index your blog's posts, not just the recently published ones, but also the missed ones.

Follow the instruction here so that Google will be able to make use of the sitemap to scan for those articles that were not crawled and indexed.

Then, copy the code that will be generated and go to your Blogger's Settings. Choose Preferences (as seen below) and enable the Custom robots.txt button just below the "Crawlers and indexing" heading. What will appear is a box where you will paste the XML sitemap code. And viola!

Hopefully, this will work. I am still waiting for it to be indexed in the coming days. Update me if your blog posts have already been crawled and indexed!

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