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Monday, January 9, 2017

TIPS | 10 Things to Look for Before Dating a Guy

This article is somewhat several points off my list of interests, because mehhh, dating is not for me haha. But then again, I think it's a matter of time to ask someone (if not ask out, just ask haha) what a girl or, as others may say, an independent woman should look for in a potential date.

What do girls seek before saying yes to someone to go out on a date? What is it that we, men, should somehow take in as pointers when attempting to woo someone or invite for dinner? This list gives you 10 of the things to look for before dating a guy! Enjoy!


Every girl is unique. This applies to every other thing we girls tend to delve into: from designing to fashion styles, from cooking recipes to social circles and parties, and of course, it’s hard not to feel those little butterflies in your stomach. Every other daughter of Eve is unique when it comes to who to date, and eventually love.

Which is why what you expect from a man and from a happy relationship is way different than what your friends and family members expect.

Image Source: The Art of Charm

Deep-set eyes? Nice smile? Odd sense of humor? There are quite a lot of things that make you feel drawn to the opposite sex, and can be your basis for eventually saying “Yes!” to a first date. But I have always believed that choosing who to date is about more than attraction. And it always helps to date somebody you’re already friends with, or acquaintances, for that matter. Besides, you don’t date someone just for the fun of it, expecting it to be short-term, right?

So, here’s a list of qualities I always have to tick off when checking if a guy is worth dating. 

1. He has faith and value system. Coming from a devoted and religious family, dating a guy who is faithful to his God and has values is always on top of my list. Values also play a vital role in my dating potential selection: how he treats me and other people around, and how he deals with problems in life. This may be hard to look for before dating. You just have to trust your instincts with this and your appeal to allow him to share thoughts with you.

2. He loves his family. For me, this is one of the very important things to look for. Of course, you don’t see it right away when you’re still not dating, but you can easily notice hints, especially if you’re friends with the guy. Him calling his mom if she got home safe or even him chatting about his funny little sister are ominous clues!

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3. He has interest in commitments. Like I said, I would never date somebody without expecting them to stick with me in the long term. There are guys who can’t stay single because they can’t bear being lonely, but terrified of serious commitments, too. Check if the guy is serious about dating you or he’s just looking for his flavor of the month.

4. He dresses nice. By this, I am not referring to wearing expensive signature clothes, but instead, how a guy wears even simple but casual outfits. It’s nice to be seen with a guy who dresses well, as it shows his confidence and him being a put-together man. Plus, it’s attractive to the eyes!

5. He is smart in a funny way. I would really appreciate dating somebody who is smart, but doesn’t brag about it. Someone who can tell me many things and discover new stuff without me feeling like a no-brainer. I love a smart guy!

6. He is emotionally mature. I have always been a bit childish (and am still working on it!) and I would rather date a guy who can tell me I’m being a bratty little girl again. It’s always cute to have a guy acting like a little boy sometimes, but when you’re assessing somebody as a dating potential, always look for emotional maturity. If he gets mad at petty things and does look immature, then probably he is not that too much of a potential.

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7. He is honest. Most guys nowadays tend to sugarcoat their words to look nicer, scoring more points in wooing a girl. But you can see through someone who is honest with his words and is contented in saying simple truths about his life. See, you won’t be dating the guy he tells you he is; you’ll be dating who he really is.

8. He pursues you. We, girls, are often branded to be “hard-to-get” by men who court us, but it’s just as well! We sometimes have to do that in order to see if this man is worth our time. When someone starts to express his intentions to date you, look for signs if he actually wants to date you, not seeing you as yet another conquest because the last girl he asked turned him down. 

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9. He is not a weirdooo! You have to really check this out first before dating a guy. Make sure you can get home safe after your first date. You don’t need to run a detailed background check on him, though. Just be sure you’ll be dating someone who doesn’t turn out to be all pretentions and mixed identities.

10. He is approved by your friends. Though this is not always applicable, but sometimes friends can see something that you don’t because you’re already attracted to the guy. Before the first date, invite your potential date to hang out with your friends and see how he deals with them.

These qualities are just examples of what to look for in a potential date, but of course you can always disregard these things if you think it doesn’t apply to you.

You see, you don’t need to say your yes directly to somebody who invited you to a date. What is important is you know that you don’t need to rush things. You don’t need to jump off just because everybody already did. You don’t need to date if you’re not up for it or you haven’t found someone worth dating, even if everyone’s on board the relationship train. Take your time. You’ll see, it will always be worth the wait.

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