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Saturday, April 22, 2017

APPS | Snapcart: Snap Receipts, Get Cashbacks

The frugal person in me has once again reigned due to the recent increase in expenses I had to deal with during the past months. First, I'd have to blame it on the spike in my electricity wattage consumption because of daily night-time use of our  old air conditioner. Shet sobrang init; abot singit! Second, I've been experiencing bad days in school and what better way is there to address this than to stress eat? I would often buy lots of food and chips haha. So it's safe to say I've gained some weight haha!

Spending more than the amount I used to, I became more aware how difficult life is for a lot of people. That's why I looked for ideas on how I could save some cash or at least get some rebates or cashback from purchasging (ergo, shopping). Luckily (or not haha),  I came across this app called Snapcart.

Essentially, Snapcart allows us buyers to get cashback from our purchase receipts. Snap receipts, earn cashback. There are a number of store receipt types allowed by Snapcart and these are enlisted far below. What we just need to do is click on the "snap" button when you open Snapcart. This will switch on our phone's camera and allow us to take clear (emphasis talaga on readable kasi they reject the snapshot if it's not readable) shots of our receipts.

Meanwhile, stores subscribed to Snapcart like Robinsons Supermarket, Savemore, SM Hypermarket and Mercury Drugstore are given insights on our purchases as buyers or shoppers. The information obtained from the receipts will give them what our preferences are when it comes to brands, what time we usually shop, how healthy we eat, etc.

Here are what you need to know about Snapcart:
1. How much is the cashback? How to maximize cashback?

The amount of cash rebated back to you will depend on how much your purchase was. Check out the Snapcart receipts amount range and you'll easily determine how much the cashback will be once they've processed the receipts you snapped.

If your purchase was worth max of 100.99 Php, you get 0.50 Php. If you splurged more than 2,001.00 Php worth of produts, you get 30 Php cashback per receipt. To maximize the cashback received, I guess you have to bring with you a calculator while shopping and make sure that your receipt makes it to the minimum in the range of receipt total values. It's also effective if you make a budget. Siyempre, a lot of us do budget allocation naman for our day-to-day living.

For instance, if your budget is only 400 Php maxand you've brought the list of items you need, edi ask the cashier for two separate receipts: one for something near 251 Php (for cashback of 4 Php) and the other for around 150 Php or less (for cashback of 1.75 Php). That's a total of 5.75 Php vs the 4 Php cashback you'd get with one receipt with 400 Php value.

Imagine what your monthly 20k Php budget could give in terms of cashback if you just segregate the items you purchase into three different receipts haha. Hassle sa cashier though.

2. A maximum of 3 receipts can be uploaded per day. 

Well, because you're only allowed to upload 3 receipts per day, it means the maximum cashback we could get per day is 90 Php (assuming we'd upload three (3) receipts each valuing 2,001 Php). Haha, para sa mga sobrang magagastos, that's 90 Php divided by 6,0004 Php * 100 = 1.50% max cashback. If hindi naman hassle for you mag-upload, edi okay nang merong 90 Php max na balik kesa sa wala. Hehe.

3. Included in the app is a game called Snaptastic (image below on the right) that allows you to earn additional cashback, Zalora points and Snapcart coins. What's sad though is that tingi-tingi lang talaga ang cashback, pero better meron than nada right?

Answering surveys and watching videos (image below) in the middle) are ways to get coins in order to play the game. Other ways to play include posting a selfie about a certain product and joining a pro-hunt. I'm yet to try these two hehe.


4. You need to have at least 50 Php cashback in order to cash out. There are different cash out channels. These include Bank Transfer, e-wallet, and e-voucher. As to how to make use of the Zalora points you earn via Snaptastic, I was told that users with 100 Php cashback in their account can avail of 200 Php Zalora discount voucher BUT with a catch (haha), only if you purchase a minimum of 1200 Php from Zalora. Still, the service rep's answer didn't clearly tell me what I could possibly do with the said points. Does that translate to peso? Or does that convert to a discount voucher?

Now, I find this funny. Does this mean that the actual discount that user could get from Zalora for purchasing a minimum of 1200 Php worth of clothes is actually 100 Php? Gumastos kasi ng 100 Php e haha.

5. There's a multiplier effect when you upload receipts every day or every week. If you always buy from your favorite grocery, supermarket, convenience stores, etc., make sure you're able to upload your receipts. Sayang din eh, pera din yun.

If you're wondering what receipts are accepted by Snapcart, these are receipts for purchase of:
  • Ggrocery
  • Cosmetics
  • Drug/Pharmacy (w/ clear product description)
  • Fresh Food
Receipts from the following stores are also accepted:
  • Hypermarket
  • Supermarket
  • Minimarket
  • Convenience Store (Ministop, 7 eleven)
  • Cash & Carry
  • Drug Store
  • Cosmetic Store
  • Baby Milk Stoore
  • Department Store (for cosmetic purchases, Watsons)
  • Other stores with legal cash register
What receipts does Snapcart reject? These are receipts for purchases of:
  • Electricity bills/payment/voucher/token
  • BJPS bills/payment
  • Phone reload voucher/payment
  • Game voucher
  • Electronics
  • Online cash payment
  • Installment payment
  • Apparels
  • Toys
  • Sports equipment
  • Stationeries
  • Furnitures
  • Automotive parts/tools
  • Pet accessories
Snapcart also rejects receipts coming from:
  • Restaurant
  • Gas Station
  • Book Store
  • ATM (HAHAHA! This is so funny!)
  • Parking Machine
  • Ticket Machine
  • Hand Written Receipts
  • Beauty Saloon
  • Online Stores
  • Modern Furniture/Tools Stores (ACE Hardware, IKEA, etc)

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