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Sunday, December 18, 2016

VIEW | My blog posts are not indexed/crawled by Google bots. What should I do?

I noticed that my blog posts here in Manila LifeBox do not show up in search results. And this is probably because Google bots have failed to find (crawl) my articles and index these in their search results. Or is it?

Image Courtesy: Blogger.com
Maybe it is because I rarely post articles here, but usually it only takes one day for my post to be found in the search results. Some bloggers, in addition to my experience, have actually recently found out about such problems. I looked for possible solutions so that I could address this blog crawling and indexing issue.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

FOOD | A Taste of Nostalgia: 6 All-Time Favorite Pinoy Junk Foods

Do you remember when you were still little and the world seemed like a limitless universe of possibilities? Back when making friends didn’t give you waves of crippling anxiety and you actually looked forward to school? You can probably remember some bits and pieces, like how you’d stay outdoors until your mom yelled for you to come home, or maybe when you and your friends would play childhood classics like ice, ice, water, langit lupa, bahay-bahayan, flying saucer or patintero with a seemingly infinite supply of energy that would put the energizer bunny to shame.

Often, childhood is the part of our lives we look back to with frivolity and enthusiasm. Everything just seemed bigger, brighter, and maybe even better back then. While we all eventually have to grow up, there are some childhood habits that are too good to let go of—like snacking, for example. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit our childhood go-to playground snacks which we still much on even this day.


Image Source: Phil-Em.com

Ah, the one that started it all. While Chippy became your favorite inuman/tagay snack of choice as an adult, it will definitely go down in history as one of your introductory snack foods. First introduced by junkfood superbrand Jack ‘n Jill in the 60s, Chippy is pretty much the OG (Original Gangsta) or the Beast of Pinoy chichiryas. It’s staple salty taste and irregular rectangular, sometimes folded, shape is recognizable anywhere, and is probably the most well-known Pinoy chichirya to date. While it originally satisfied us with its Barbeque (red) and Chilli & Cheese (blue) flavors, Chippy has expanded its selection over the years and now includes Beef & Chilli (orange) as well as Garlic & Vinegar (green). 


Image Source: Phil-Em.com

With its ultra thin texture and variety of mouth-watering flavors, Piattos is probably the closest we will ever get to making junk food that's as good as Pringles. Definitely one of the best-tasting chichiryas out there, Piatos’ trademark hexagonal shape didn’t just set it apart from all the other chichiryas in the store. Its sharp edges probably poked your mouth more times than you’d like to admit (not that it stopped you from eating though). At present, Piattos comes in 5 flavors namely: Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Nacho Pizza, Roadhouse Barbeque, and Roast Beef. Just the mention of these flavors makes you crave for one!

Chiz Curls

Image Source: Amazon.com

Pretty much, if we were to compare the years Pinoy junk foods have existed, Chiz Curls ends up in the grand parents' club. It's simply lived a long time!.

Nobody else does cheese snacks quite like cheese curls. They melt in your mouth! The spongy, semicircle curls covered in layers and layers of cheese powder will always have a special place in our hearts—especially since it was the only popular chichirya which had free stuff inside the packaging. Chiz curls didn’t get much attention until they started including pokemon stickers in every bag at the height of Pokemania in the late 90s. Eventually, it succeeded and became a mainstream snack for middle schoolers everywhere. Does anybody else think the current Chiz Curls mascot looks like a budget Powerpuff girl?

Clover Chips

Image Source: LeslieTrade.com

The biggest irony in the realm of Philippine junk food is that Clover Chips snacks look absolutely nothing like clovers. Rather, it resembles a deformed, cheesy red blood cell. But what Clover Chips lacks in aesthetics it definitely makes up for in taste. Clover Chips has a lightweight crunch that just sets it apart from everyone else. Of course, most of us wouldn't forget those days we just sucked on our thumb and index fingers covered with Clover Chips powder. Although it comes in two other flavors (Barbeque and Ham & Cheese), nothing beats the original Cheese Clover Chips.

Roller Coaster

Image Source: JunkFoodGuy.com

A childhood staple and harder to find nowadays, Roller Coaster was a sought-after among kids because it was food you could actually play with—they fit right over your fingers! Remember when you used them as a ring because it's fun to do it while eating? While Roller Coaster originally came in just one flavor, it didn’t stop people from buying them by the dozens. The thin rings had just the right amount of cheese powder and crunch that was addicting. Just add Coke or Royal in your afternoon siesta, and voila, your day is complete. Since then, Roller Coaster has released three new flavoors to add to the roster namely: Barbeque, Sweet and Spicy, and Samurai Curry.

Sweet Corn

Image Source: MrFunAnimous.blogspot.com

If your playground crush wasn’t totally impressed by your tsinelas-throwing and lata-hitting skills in tumbang preso, another corny alternative would be to give her a pack of Sweet Corn. Or just open one, and be surprised how your school bus mates would just troop towards you for that yummy snack. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do (get that 90s Backstreet Boys reference?), everybody loves the perfect taste Sweet Corn. Plus, there's no need to munch on it! You can just let it melt in your mouth. 

Sweet Corn is what you eat when you want to convince yourself what you’re eating isn’t unhealthy, cause technically it’s corn. But then you remember nothing that tastes this good could possibly be healthy, so you spiral into denial.

All these chichiryas still continue to complete seemingly gloomy days and help making bonding moments among friends, family members, and partners. While it's advised to stay away from junk food, sometimes these are just what you need --- the comfort food Pinoys will always love.

P..S. Do look forward to a post on at least four (4) more - Rinbee, Moby, Tomi, Peewee, Ri-chee, and Snacku!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MUSIC | 10 reasons why you should watch the Boyce Avenue’s concert in the Philippines

Heads up everyone!

International acoustic boyband and Youtube sensation Boyce Avenue is back in the Philippines to perform a five-day Philippine tour on February 2016! To be produced by the Ovation Productions, the trio’s concert will be joined by fellow artist Savannah Outen in Araneta Coliseum on February 16. The Manzano brothers (uhm, I don't think they are related to Luis haha), who became popular for uploading amazing covers of hit songs, will then be moving forward with the next leg of their Philippine tour outside Metro Manila, specifically in the following venues: Waterfront Hotel, Cebu on February 18, Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro on February 19, St. La Salle Coliseum in Bacolod on February 20, and University of Baguio on February 22.

While you’re still deciding whether or not you should buy Boyce Avenue tickets or treat your lover/loved ones to a great night of relaxing, soulful music, allow me to give you enough reasons why you should watch Boyce Avenue’s concert in the country.

1. It’s THE Boyce Avenue!

Come on! They are THE THREE AND ONLY Boyce Avenue! They are very much loved by fans all over the world with more than 5 millions subscribers to their Youtube channel. If you’re one big fan of BA, you'd definitely not pass this time. ;)

2. It’s a rare moment that artists are willing to come much closer to you, rather than you going to them!

Last Valentines’ Day, they came, they saw, they conquered.

Here’s the thing. They would not just come to the Philippines to serve Metro Manila residents. They’re reaching out to other fans who are located far from Manila. They value you! Don’t let this opportunity just fly by! If you're just living near the venue, mark your calendars already!

3. Boyce Avenue concert tickets are a lot less pricier than other foreign acts.

The prices of tickets for the Araneta Coliseum concert range from 792 Php to 5280 Php. It’s not that bad at all, compared to Ariana Grande’s (2,099 Php minimum, 15,999 Php max), Katy Perry’s, and Taylor Swift’s concert.

4. You’ll hear beautiful cover songs and renditions.

Well, this is already expected. And if you’d like to reminisce those A Thousand Years, Lay Me Down, or Here Without You moments, then hesitate no more. The Boyce will back you up!

5. You got three awesome brothers serenading right in front of you. What more can you expect?

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@danielmanzano) on

It’s not just one, but three! The brothers, Daniel, Fabian and Alejandro will let you fall head over heels in the concert and get caught by the love bug for days.

6. And there’s just No Limits!

It is definitely hoped they’d sing their originals from the No Limits EP, one of which is my favorite - 
One Life!

7. They might just talk to themselves about the PH concert through their @BoyAvenue handle!

The Boyce just love to hilariously talk to themselves in Twitter, and I sure know that you know that! What will they say about Pinoy fans once their concert tour is done? Let’s see!

8. Watch out for Alejandro’s Grumpy Cat look!

You’d definitely love to get the chance to observe Alejandro make that grumpy cat look he does in social media, as you ask for a personal autograph.

9. Them Boyce might just love you back multiple times.

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@boyceavenue) on

Who wouldn’t love to hear them say “Mahal ko kayo!” at the concert, right? Mind you, just hearing them say “Yes” to you request for a photo will make your heart melt. Prepare your hearts, girls!

10. You can’t wait to jam with them! And they can’t wait to jam with you!

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@danielmanzano) on

You can’t just wait for a night full of extra-awesome covers! It’s one mega escape from the stresses of reality when you immerse in the Boyce Avenue!

BONUS: It’s going to be one memorable event!

A photo posted by Boyce Avenue (@boyceavenue) on

If there is one thing that would really convince you, it’s this! Their comeback to the Philippines means they’ve shared great memories here. And the brothers would definitely love to make more with you guys! So, get this chance of a lifetime to relive the days of live music! And enjoy the sound trip!

Images and Videos Courtesy: Youtube channel Boyce Avenue, Instagram @boyceavenue, @danielmanzano, @alejandromanzano

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

VIEW | Will people like me online? The role of social media as indicator of social acceptance at a glance.

The dominance of the digital age and the internet era has since spawn new waves of social norms and ways of thinking. And the existence of internet technology has broken physical divides and provided an avenue for people from all over the world to see various movements take shape and advocacies thrown under the spotlight.

For any marginalized individual, group, or sector of society, this means having a great opportunity to fight for equal representation and societal acceptance. The flexibility of Facebook and Twitter among social media websites, Tinder among dating apps, and Youtube among video streaming sites has then given the community (-ies) or individual a bigger voice to promote and support the issues and rights concerned.

However, an underlying question anyone will ask is: are you (am I) valid online? Am I likable? If you’ll take a look at the sites that you use, there are a number of ways to determine whether or not you and your posts and/or comments are socially acceptable and valid.

But, what makes an opinion or perspective acceptable and valid? Perhaps, having an opinion that does not hurt or barrage anyone? Or a view that does not cut through the general norms of society. Here is a list of criteria that can guide you in evaluating people’s perception of you online.

First, Facebook’s upgraded like button enables anyone to properly express how they feel about anything (e.g. your post). Aside from a like button, they can award you an angry smiley, a sad face, an excited and enthusiastic look, or a happy emoticon. This definitely makes you aware of how others feel about your thoughts and generates a negative impact as much as a positive impact could. It will either pull down your self-esteem or make you more confident. 

Another aspect to look at is the comments box, not only provided by Facebook, but also by Youtube, news agencies, and blog sites, that allows you to see how people respond to your posts. It also gives you a hint of how reactive people are in your online circle.

The third criterion that can be of help to you is the number of match you make on dating apps like Tinder. The other person’s swipe significantly tells you that someone’s interested in you. The more swipes you get, the more socially accepted you feel. This does have an effect on your morale and self-esteem. Getting no match is the worst that you can get.

The number of retweets and shares that you get---may it be in Twitter or Facebook respectively---with your post also helps you keep track of your influence. More than the number, it’s the sentiment, message, or post attached to its tweet or share that will give you an idea of how well-perceived you are online.

All of these criteria tell you where you are currently placed in the social acceptance spectrum.

But, perhaps the question of social validity and acceptance should need not be raised or overemphasized no longer, as in essence, acceptance does not need to come from others. It comes from within. Because no matter what happens, and no matter who you are, people will always have something to say.

Perhaps, the questions “Are you valid online?” or “Will people like me online?” are not necessarily what you should seek an answer for, regardless of your age, looks, and even sexual orientation. The more appropriate question might just be, do I need to be?

Someone once said, “Don’t lose yourself in the search for acceptance by others.”

Saturday, November 21, 2015

VIEW | Did the PH benefit more by hosting APEC activities?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, also known as APEC, has been the key highlight of national media lately. This is due to the fact that world leaders from member economies of the APEC are converging at the Philippines to meet and collaborate on certain aspects ranging from specific agenda such as tackling women entrepreneurship and addressing corruption to broader topics like reducing trade and investment barriers and achieving inclusive and sustainable growth.

The Philippines, after tens of years of taking turns, has taken the responsibility to host this year’s APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting that’s about to end in several hours. One thing to remember is that with or without the APEC, the Philippines could still trade with members of the APEC. It’s not the only avenue to arrange and transact with nations from the Asia-Pacific region, but it provides opportunities to effectively come up with solutions as a lot more leaders and delegates come into economic play. This also gives the Philippines a chance to showcase what sets it apart from the rest.

Now, the question is, did the country benefit more from the APEC Meet?

Let’s take a look at the costs. A latest development in the PH aviation industry has probably sent jitters down some flyers’ and businessmen’s spines as over 1,000 flights at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have been cancelled from November 16 to 20 to accommodate the arrival of world leaders and international delegates. In losses, that’s about $2 billion affecting local and foreign carriers, the hardest hit being the budget airlines which could not afford to rebook stranded passengers immediately or give them accommodations.

Do note, however, that despite these losses for the airlines industry, it doesn’t mean NAIA wasn’t used for profitable purposes. With the influx of thousands of delegates, the government could have earned even just some millions from it. Add to that the fact that the country, as host, has been given this opportunity to be known by citizens coming from the member-economies of APEC, that including citizens from USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

But it’s not just the aviation industry that got hit, there’s also the cost to laborers who were given a no-work-no-pay two-day holiday. There’s also the cost to the motoring public who got stuck in traffic and to the business owners who rely on these customers.

Apart from indirect costs, news agencies have reported that the direct cost to the government for hosting APEC members has been a hefty amount of 10 billion Php. However, it should be known that this amount has been allocated for all 47 APEC-related meetings conducted across the country. And that most of this amount was spent domestically or within the country which then goes through the pockets of entrepreneurs and workers who were tasked to each contribute the best effort they could for the success of the events. Just take a look at the Filipino products (giveaways) and services (catering, logistics, entertainment, etc.) applied in this event. This money surely, if corruption has not gotten into its way, benefitted a lot.

And don’t forget the exposure that micro-businesses, small start-ups and soon-to-be leaders have gotten which definitely equates to more future transactions and cooperation. It's like the events have served as an advertising ploy for the PH to showcase what it's got, and hopefully, by word of mouth (from the delegates themselves), the country has been seen as a great investment destination. And oh, each delegate paid approximately $4,000 or 180,000 Php to join the CEO Summit that coincided with the APEC leaders' meet.

Now, did the PH stand to benefit a lot from hosting APEC members? That’s a resounding yes!

But, could have the country done better than just allocating its resources for hosting the APEC community? What about forgoing it and redistributing the resources to education, tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, and defense?

Meanwhile, here are the outcomes of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meting. Photo credits go to Rappler.com for covering the event.

Friday, November 20, 2015

VIEW | The Spoiling Dead Fans drops clues, answers, spoilers to some The Walking Dead questions

If there is one thing to know about The Spoiling Dead Fans, it's that what they almost spill (or spoil) about every season of The Walking Dead (TWD) mostly speaks of truth.

The Spoiling Dead Fans has recently released some answers, clues, and hints as to where season 6 of TWD is likely headed. Read on.

Here are the questions and answers released by The Spoiling Dead Fans in text and my views on it inside parentheses.

1. Do Sasha, Abe and Daryl make it back to Alexandria? No.

(Hopefully, it's not Daryl's demise that we're talking about here. :()

2. Do the others find out about the tied up wolf? What are their reactions and what do they decide to do with him? Yes. Denise and Carol. We don't see their reaction or any decision.

(Hmmm. This is pretty much interesting. Carol has been missing in action lately.)

3. Any sex in the episode? If so, who? No.

4. Does Abe break up with Rosita? No.

5. Does Maggie reveal her pregnancy to anyone else? No.

(Poor Maggie. Why'd she have to face it without Glenn?)

6. What causes the tower to fall? At what point in the episode does the herd make its way into the safe zone? It just collapses due to it being weakened by the truck from a few episodes back. The herd is still surrounding Alexandria.

7. Do we find out who said "Help" on the radio? If so, who? No.

(I have a bad feeling it's _____________.)

8. Does anyone go looking for Glenn? No.

(Well, didn't Maggie and Aaron attempt to look for him?)

9. How does Glenn escape? The old hide-under-the-dumpster trick. Cheap.(Glenn basically waits it out until the walkers leave. Enid spots Glenn first from a roof and throws him some water  down after he gets out.)

(Hurray! Glenn's alive [at least to TSDF]! I bet he's got more lives than cats have! Wait, how did Enid get there in the first place?)

10. Does Glenn make it back to Alexandria? Yes to the outskirts. (Glenn releases the balloons he had to signal he survived the mission.)

(Aww, at least it's great news for Maggie! Now, the question is, will they ever meet?)

Monday, October 26, 2015

VIEW | Five reasons why Glenn did not die in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 "Thank You"

I'm no longer making some long introduction about Episode 3 of the 6th season of the incredible, action-packed The Walking Dead (TWD), but I have to say one of the best haunting parts of this episode was that scene wherein Nicholas takes his own life by pulling the trigger with the gun pointed to his head after uttering the final words "Thank you," which eventually leads to both of them falling down the hungry herd---Nicholas somewhat arching Glenn.

The last part of this scene shows Glenn helplessly crying out in loss of hope, just "dying" in the hands of the same person this noble character and Rick's moral compass has saved. But did Glenn really die? I have a big feeling he survived and here are five reasons why Glenn, our pizza delivery boy, had a high chance of surviving the deadly grind.

1. Human shield Nicholas

When both Nicholas and Glenn were about to fall, as viewed from a cameraman's perspective, it seemed like Nicholas was surely falling on top of Glenn. And this gave Glenn the accidental shield that could help him survive this episode's walker dominance. Maybe Nicholas' last words connote that he's thankful enough he found meaning for a more acceptable death---to some point helping Glenn make an escape by using Nicholas' body as feeds? Maybe he committed suicide for the best reason, that is, to let someone live?

2. Glenn's facial expression

As he fell down and reached the ground, the camera showed walkers feeding on some innards. Was it Glenn's? It's probable that it was Glenn's, but in all reality, when your innards are already being taken out,  it's either you faint due to blood loss and shock or you die instantly. But at that point in time, Glenn was seen helplessly shouting out loud, crying for help, but it also seemed that he was crying to what he was seeing---maybe he was watching dear Nicholas being scavenged on the spot in an entire blood bath that's too horrific to watch.

3. Glenn's position and the walkers' circle

At a zoomed out, artistic view of the attack on Nicholas and Glenn, you would notice Glenn's head still moving despite the circumstance wherein someone's gut and other abdominal contents have already been taken out and devoured. Notice also that Glenn's head and upper body appears less prone to walkers, assuming that Nicholas' body just have covered Glenn's lower half, which seemingly appears as the point of interest for the walkers.

It surely appears that there are really a few walkers surrounding Glenn's area, thanks to that blocking dumpster which is also primarily the greatest reason Glenn still has the chance to live, if he gets that instant adrenaline kick and acts accordingly. How? The dumpster.

4. The Dumpster

Speaking about the dumpster, I really have a big hunch that Glenn----which at this time is now drenched in Nicholas' blood given that he's not yet bitten because the blood and other body parts rained down on his body---was able to survive by rolling or crawling under the dumpster. Why? The space underneath the dumpster is really big it can fit one human (Asian) body a size like Glenn's. If he's able to do it, there's a big chance he could have survived the attack with the stench of Nicholas' death as his best camouflage.

Can walkers kneel down or bend over to reach underneath? I have seen walkers go under the truck but that's because they lost their lower half and still managed to crawl under. Or maybe I'm wrong and walkers can still grab humans wherever they may be hiding, but not humans masked in blood of the dead.

5. Lucille

If you are reading the comics from which TWD is based, Glenn's death takes place upon the arrival of Negan, one of the best villains in TWD world, armed with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille. Now, this is definitely the coolest way of killing a seasoned TWD survivor. It can also be remembered that major deaths in The Walking Dead usually take place at the very end of an episode. In this TWD "Thank You" episode, the action ended 10 minutes prior to the third episode's finale, which indicates that during this time period, Glenn might have been able to slip himself in the spacious shelter under the dumpster and stayed there until the coast has cleared. And where are we yet in the track of episodes for this season? Third! Just third! Glenn can't just die like that.

At this year's San Diego Comic Con, creator Robert Kirkman told fans to expect “a lot of cool stuff” with Glenn. Meanwhile, actor Steven Yeun (who plays Glenn) said, “The way that we make the show — the writers and everybody really want to focus on making things poignant and purposeful and meaningful. So if it were for Glenn to go, then it's probably going to be awesome." The way that Glenn dies early in the hands of Nicholas doesn't really equate to "poignant and purposeful."

Another bonus reason for me to really believe he's alive is that Steven Yeung has been spotted in the TWD set with a character (named Jesus) that is yet to be introduced in the series.

Other possible things that may have happened at that time include Nicholas hallucinating on what might happen if he decides to kill himself as they stand atop the dumpster or Glenn just having a beyond-walker-apocalypse bad dream.

So these are the five reasons why I believe Glenn is still alive after that traumatic scene, and these are just my beliefs and opinions. I could be wrong, but my gut feel tells me he's still alive.

However, if Glenn really is dead, then I guess I'd just have to accept what happened and move on. And if that's the case, I can say his meaningless death was poorly written considering all the trials he's been through. He can't  just die because of someone's inability to cope up and act tough. What's your take on this? Are my theories somewhat acceptable?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

VIEW | 5 unusual things that you will usually find in Tinder

So I joined this friendship-dating-and-sexcapade app called Tinder just _____ weeks ago and here are a few of the things that you somehow see or realize in life, but you will find more or get haunted further as you dive into this alternative world of matchmaking. (Note: This will be a speedily written post as I have a lot of stuff to accomplish for the day that's enlisted in my to-do list. This was done in about 30 minutes so I apologize for any grammatical errors po.)


1. Boobs
One can consistently see a lot of these when watching pron or going to the beach, but I have never seen a lot of these bumming around in Tinder. Like seriously, girls (I'm not generalizing, but if you go put up your own profile and search for women), you will see at least one (pair hehe or one and a half) in every 8 profile that you come across. It's okay to be a bit seductive  (if that's what you intend to do), but don't make it up to a point that your assets occupy a big third or fourth of the space. It's pretty hilarious.

What's a bit alarming is that a few of these showy girls have these "no hookups" description in their profiles. Interesting.

2. Lots of makeup.
You will definitely see a lot of girls wearing heavy cosmetics in their main display photo. I mean it's not bad to put on something to make you look more attractive, but if you will, guys like me tend to swipe to the left when I immediately see someone's face bombarded with too much facial enhancements. In my opinion, girls who have nothing (or at least less) to hide just let themselves be seen as they are when they're asleep. Be who you are regardless of what you're made of.

Well, I can't blame some of you (girls) for doing so, but sometimes too much of something does more harm than good--in this case, how we (at least  I) perceive you. And sometimes, it somewhat appears like there's this hint of desperation to find a match that comes to mind when viewing such profiles. I guess if that's what you are, I can't stop you from doing that but for me, face sans makeup, I'd like to meet someone not for her imperfections, but for the way she compensates for whatever imperfection she has. I too get a bit fixated when I see a pretty girl with her makeup on, but it intrigues me more to see how she looks like when I wake up beside her in bed.

3. Travel buddies.
Siguro, around one in every 6 girls and/or gays (yep, you'd see them as well even if you only chose women as your match preference) look for a travel buddy and some of them place their escapade photos from the peaks of  Pico de Loro to the seascapes of Boracay up to the extravagant trips in Hongkong. I guess women just love to travel a lot  (meaning, high maintenance haha! kidding aside!).

4. Faces that are...
Well, it's pretty normal to see faces in people-connecting-people (social) platforms, but what I'm talking about here are the intensely surprising ones like selfies that are so close, it's like she wanted me to see every detail of her because there's no space left for me to set my sight on the background or simply because there's no background at all because she entirely bombed the photo haha. Or what about angelic (chinita) faces which make me wonder, isn't she supposed to be taken? Is she playing/fooling around? Or is she just a poser (you know, Tinder requires you to login on Facebook which has a lot of poser accounts)?

On the other side of the spectrum, you'd see faces no more because really, it's covered by the bangs or the angling of the photo was made in such a way that only half of the face is seen (hilarious!). There are also other users who display no faces because they're faced away from us with their backs and their body contours the only things that's left for me to check. It's like they wanted me to judge if they're interesting by their slenderness or body type. Or what about faces that are partly hidden by digital images like a kiss-print (don't know if such a word exists haha) or some emoticons? Haha.

5. No disappointments indeed.
You will still end up having a match (on a high standard) even if the photo that you added is the sole photo that you have and that is either blurred or that was shot when you were still an uglier prince (now, ugly na lang haha). Even when you just put a six-word sentence and describe yourself using your age and a few other things, you will still find a match. :)

As for me, I have decided to spare myself from this craze for a while and switched to spotting while jogging haha. Hopefully, I'll come back later to find more unusual things that you will usually find in Tinder. I guess that's it for now. My 30 minutes is almost over. Again, I have no intention of judging anyone; my purpose for writing this post is to let non-Tinder users out there know what to look forward to. Thanks for reading!